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The world is changing faster than ever, and those who aren’t adapting will lose out on the biggest wealth transfer in history.
RocketFuel is a trusted Global Resource for Crypto Education, Analysis, and Community Support.
Using the customized member dashboard, our skilled team guides students through the ever-changing crypto landscape, providing insights, analysis, and resources needed for informed decision-making. Beyond the dashboard, we have cultivated a thriving community of smart, curious and supportive crypto enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our team has educated top corporations, business leaders, and thousands of students just like you.
Founded by Jeff Wang,
Blockchain Technologist, Investor, and Consultant
From Billionaire tech entrepreneurs to Fortune500s to students just like you – people from all walks of life have trusted our founder, Jeff, to be their Blockchain consultant and instructor. Jeff started his Crypto journey while studying electrical engineering at Michigan. Shortly after graduating, Jeff joined forces with fellow technologists from MIT, Yale, and Berkeley to form Rocketfuel, an early-stage investment company in Blockchain technology. Jeff went on to serve as an investor and advisor to dozens of successful crypto startups and created 3 patented Blockchain technologies before being recruited to lead Automation initiatives at Salesforce.

While attending the Berkeley Executive MBA program, Jeff started a crypto WhatsApp group that became popular among Berkeley graduate students from all disciplines. It was this WhatApp group – a thriving community of curious people from various backgrounds, supporting each other on their Crypto journey - that inspired the idea for Rocketfuel Education.
Analyst, Bryce Gilleland,
built a 600M crypto fund
Bryce Gilleland is the founder and managing partner of Asha Partners, a crypto fund-of-funds. Prior to Asha, Bryce launched and led Coincidence Capital, a top-performing crypto fund, which grew from $8 million in seed funding to over $600 million in assets under management between 2020 and 2022. Gilleland has seven years of experience in the digital currency industry and has established himself as a thought-leader in the field of Crypto. Bryce holds a degree in Economics from University of California Irvine and an MBA from Berkeley, where he met Rocketfuel’s Jeff Wang. Bryce is an advisor at Berkeley’s Cal VC Innovation Fund, an early-stage investment fund that reinvests proceeds to help further education. Now, Rocketfuel members can benefit from his knowledge and experience in the crypto market.
Community driven,
serving 10,000+ students
Community is the cornerstone of Rocketfuel Education. From the beginning, our mission has been to introduce people from all walks of life to the transformative potential of Blockchain and Crypto technologies. We’ve always felt that in order to accomplish this mission, we would need to continually cultivate a group of smart and supportive people to help each other in their educational journeys. We believe that learning about Crypto – much like learning a language – is most efficiently accomplished through immersion.

It all started with Jeff’s WhatsApp Crypto group for Berkeley MBA students. That chat group went viral on campus and soon hundreds of Berkeley graduate students from law, business, engineering, computer science, history, and art (among other disciplines) came together to discuss Blockchain and Crypto. This WhatsApp group was the precursor to today’s Rocketfuel Telegram Groups. Today, Rocketfuel has served over 10,000 students in 130 countries.
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